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loyalty PROGRAM

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Hey it's FREE to get listed on our database !   

Let people find you !

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Leave it up to the Chef !

For only US$10/ month,  set up your Ad and we will notify your target audience !

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All you-can-eat !

For only US$25/month,  set up your Loyalty Wallet and get Vegan Coin !

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The Future !

Wonder what future has in store for you ?  For only US$50/ month,  get NFT and MORE !

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SUBSCRIBE NOW!   BE the first to know when we SOFT LAUNCH !

You will be notified when we soft launch !!!

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Please explain the Advertising Program
Subscribe to Omakase at only US$10/month,  you will be able to upload your vegan product photo & detail just like the way you upload to a social media.    Our AI driven matching system will automatically send notifications to targeted users on our platform so they will see your Ad.   There is no limit in setting up number of your Ad,   you may set up as many as you need.

2. Please explain the Loyalty Program
Subscribe to Tabehoudai at only US$20/month,  you will be given a loyalty program software where you can issue your own coins to reward your customers.   Let's say you set aside US$10 for 200 VGK (vegan coin) which is worth US$0.05/ coin.   Your customer purchase your vegan product and upload the photo & receipt to Pay-a-Vegan App in exchange of 1 VGK = US$0.05.   VGK is pegged to a crypto based coin,  meaning the value of VGK fluctuates with the value of the crypto based coin.   When your customer accumulates certain amount of VGK and wants to spend it at your restaurant,   let's say 10 VGK = US$0.5,  the value of the VGK may have increased to US$0.63 due to crypto price fluctuation.    In this case,  you will offer US$0.63 discount to the customer in exchange of 10 VGK.    You may cash out the 10VGK with Pay-A-Vegan when VGK accumulates to certain amount.  (transaction fee applies)

3. Please explain the NFT
Subscribe to Mirai-e at only US$50/ month and receive NFT membership to help us create a sustainable world.    Detail COMING SOON.

4. Who is this for
This is for any sellers who sell one or more vegan products.   For now we are opening to restaurants & chefs only.

5. Do I have to be selling 100% vegan products ?
No,  you can be a steakhouse but if you sell 1 dish of vegan (no dairy no egg no meat as ingredient),   then you are qualified to join.    One of our missions is for you to grow your vegan options and drive vegan customers to you.

6. I already have my advertising & loyalty program,  can I still join ?
Yes,  you will have a simple software where you can handle all the advertising & VGK transactions.    Let's say you have a stamp card and for 10 stamps you give out 1 reward.   Your customers can keep doing that and also ask for discount when they pay with VGK.   Your VGK can be cashed with Pay-A-Vegan in a later date whereas your stamp reward you give out is probably out of your pocket.   

 7.  Ten reasons why I should join Omakase - Advertising
one.       It's cheap US$10/month
two.       It's quick,  set up time less than 5 min
three.    Unlimited uploads of Ad - you can upload a Salad Dish today,  then a plant-based Dish the next
Four.      Targeted Audience - we send your salad Ad to users who want salad;    plant-based beef to                      users who want plant-based beef
Five.       We send Ads out in form of push-in notifications,  the users do not have to open our App to see
              your Ads
Six.         We send Ads out only during the time the users want us to
Seven.   You will be able to see numbers of Ads send out in your software and other analysis
Eight.     Reach niche market - Vegan
Nine.      Branding yourself as a Vegan Friendly Seller
Ten.       Drive traffic to your own social media and/or website

8. Ten reasons why I should join Tabehoudai - Loyalty Program
one.       It's cheap US$20/month 
two.       A customized loyalty program app can easily cost >US$1000 plus maintenance fee
three.    You decide how much reward to give out in the software (see point 2)
Four.      Take advantage of crypto currency,  VGK is pegged to crypto based coin
Five.       Your customers benefit when crypto devalue by eating more vegan dish to earn more VGK unit                 ,  and benefit when crypto increase in value by spending at your store   
Six.         Extra income - You can cash out VGK after customers spend them at your store
Seven.   Customer Retention
Eight.     Reach niche market - Vegan & Crypto
Nine.      Branding yourself as a High Tech Vegan Friendly Seller
Ten.       Drive traffic to your own social media and/or website,   and spend in your store

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